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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 4, 2010 12:05am-12:35am EDT

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it clobbered the house, obliterating the living room. >> it went through the house. he says one of his renters' was hit by debris and is expected to be ok. >> the same storm later this woodbridge neighborhood with lightning. >> dozens and dozens of strikes that were ferocious. >> one of those strikes is the suspected cause of this roof fire. >> i said the house was on fire. >> the homeowner and his son were able to escape unharmed. >> i could see it. never thought i would come all and it was my house -- come home and it was my house. >> steve edwards house in woodbridge did not sustain nearly the damage that this house did.
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they are relieved that their loved ones are in one piece tonight. it could happen even worse. the rain has moved out. >> we want to know what to expect in the morning. bob ryan with our first look at the forecast. >> the storm center -- you can see that area of storms that moved through manassas. it is going out into the ocean. that was coming through at 25-35 miles an hour. you can see there are other batches to our west. take a look at the oxidation. there have been winds gusting to 40-40 miles per hour. in alexandria, the rainfall was about 1/2 inch when the storms came through. winds gusted to 40-45 miles per hour. headed to the beaches this weekend? i will tell you about voting a little bit later. right now, we are still having a
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wonderful, warm, summer evening. except for you folks and say mary's county, how about sunshine for the weekend? -- in st. mary's county. late-breaking details in the disaster. crews are close to replacing -- placing a cap over that pipe. is designedop hat to significantly reduce the amount of oil leaking into the ocean. the oil is drifting closer to the florida panhandle and it has led to protests nationwide, including one in our area tonight. all their bp and profits ♪ >> we will be paying for this disaster for generations. >> they are calling on the government to seize
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billions of dollars in their assets. >> if you break it, you have to pay for. >> a the president says that bp will eventually get a bill from the government. he vented his frustrations tonight. >> i am furious at this entire situation, because this is an example of where somebody did not think through the consequences of their actions. >> bp showed welcome progress in capping the leak. using underwater robots and giant shears, they cut off the pipe and a cap could be put on that as late as tonight. it could siphon much of the oil. >> the gushing oil makes it very difficult to see if it is fitting or not.
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they will not immediately know whether or not it is successful. we are monitoring the situation where a boy was killed after being struck by a car. this happens in the intersection of montana avenue -- a boy ran into the street to chase a ball. we are following a developing story, there is a new bombshell surrounding the prime suspect in the disappearance of. natalee holloway. he was charged in alabama with trying to extort $250,000. in return, he promised to describe how natalee holloway died and the location of her body. she disappeared five years ago on a trip to a rope. joran van der sloot was arrested twice but never charged.
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the most successful sports coach in all of history is in grave condition in the hospital. you have connections in ucla. what are you hearing? >> we were contacted by sources within ucla. they have confirmed that john wooden is near death. he is 99 years old. they asked that no other information be released. the coach has been confined to a wheelchair in recent years after a series of health? setbacks. his teams won 10 national championships, including seven in a row. he was inducted into the basketball hall of flame ame asa player in 1960 and as a coach in 1973. john wooden is in grave
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condition at the ucla medical center tonight. we will keep you posted. >> that is the end of an era. as you know, a baseball story is creating quite a controversy. the imperfect game stands. it cost the detroit tigers pitcher a perfect game. the umpire called the run are safe when he was clearly out. even though the umpire has admitted he bled, -- he blew it, the commissioner will not overrule the call. there are lessons for little leaguers. >> some will tell you baseball is the true game of inches. after yesterday's play in detroit, many would agree that these little leaguers are learning and is a game of integrity. >> we have had some problems with them, but we forgive them. >> it is an example of futility
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that has followed, -- humility that has been inspirational for these players. >> it was a horrible call, but that happens sometimes. > >> from the heartfelt apology from the umpire. >> the support from fans, i will never forget that. >> than the pitcher armando galarraga. >> he said, i am so sorry. >> the team values that the coach tries to instill in his players each practice. >> they have got to be able to have self control and not do anything to upset the other team. these local glovers have watched that game over and over again since the call and learned a valuable lesson. >> if you do not get the perfect game, just keep your head up and keep on trying.
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>> the final lesson is it when you are down, get up and dust yourself off. the umpire was given the option to take the day off. he refused and called an uneventful day to day -- uneventful game today. coming up, new problems months after the mine disaster. why investigators cannot get to the bottom of the problem. >> how sexy is too sexy? one woman said it cost her job. >> it took 69 years for one eagle scout to get his pin.
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can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. regulators plan to wait at least three days before sending crews back into the upper bay bridge mind. 29 men died there -- in the upper big branch mind. investigators have so far been limited to interviewing witnesses and reviewing records
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and what is considered the worst coal mining disaster in years. >> a new york city woman has filed lawsuits against citibank, claiming she was fired because she dresses too sexy. >> her exact words work -- were >> she said she was a victim of a hostile work environment. she said her bosses told her to tone down her wardrobe. other women at the same branch war more revealing clothing than she did it, she argues. she has a job no at another bank. >> i would have emotional distress if i would have to wear such short skirts. new at 11:00, a local man is honored seven decades after reaching a prestigious call. >> in takoma park, his long wait came to an end. >> the eagle pinning ceremony
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is the pinnacle of any boy scouts career. today, there were four. 318-year-old and an 85 year-old. hank harmon became an official eagle scout today, an honor he has waited 69 years for. >> i am glad i hung in at the end i almost gave up. >> he qualified for eagle back in 1941 and his daughters kept the paper work as he completed each and every challenge. >> it had to be signed by a bank official. >> he never got to join scouting's elite. many were called to duty in world war ii. he went off to college, but scouting was close to his heart. >> it is on every résume i write. >> he said it taught him
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courage, honesty, and perseverance. >> it was in 19 months between second class and first-class and i almost quit then. i think my mother as much as anything pushed me. >> rather than having his parents pin him, his children did the honors. >> i am sure my grandparents are very proud of him. >> proud of a life full of achievement. studying at penn state and the yale school of divinity and hiking the appalachian trail. this was always a dream. >> i told these other eagle scouts, relax. you will get out of bed at the same time tomorrow. i am not sure i will. i would say it is worth it. >> after 69 years of waiting, he said he was ecstatic. his remarks were, well, i earned it. cynee simpson, news channel 8. >> what a lesson for the boys.
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>> they will always remember that. >> a great group of youngsters and the parents are absolutely -- >> very cool. it was another gillani in june today with those nasty storms. -- it was another july in june today with those nasty storms. the winds associated with them can double the speed. made it up to 60 miles per hour. the average for june? seven at 90-degree days. this may be along summertime. here we are in washington. in southern maryland, you are getting the last stragglers of some showers. look at the temperatures around the area right now. we are at 71 degrees in washington. it would be nice to get
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refreshing air in here. 69 degrees at midnight out in minneapolis, st. paul. now down to the gulf states, not only is it warm but it is humid and it continues to be a very, very warm and humid down there with the circulation continuing to bring in moisture. you can see that circulation, an area of low pressure. that means self-southwesterly winds throughout the gulf states, more potential for bringing in that oil, even though some of the loop current will take it towards florida, too. so the terrible weather continues in down there. for us, there is that band of showers that moved in. there will be more coming. high temperature was up to 92 degrees. once again, tomorrow, we will be close to 90 degrees. there will be isolated thunderstorms, not the widespread storms we had today. i think it will be more hit and
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miss a variety. as you get into the afternoon, with the temperature near 90 degrees, it will be cold orange with unhealthy levels of air quality, primarily ozone. then as we get to the weekend, on saturday, you cannot rule out a few scattered showers or thundershowers. a little bit more of a risk on sunday. each afternoon, much of the day will be partly sunny. less humid air coming in on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. much more comfortable. heading to the beaches? not bad for the weekend, but still a little bit cool and the water.
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tonight on nightline, basketball superstar lebron james. will he stay in cleveland or will he go? >> if we could get him to
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verizon center. king james. of the nationals of find themselves in a tailspin, but help is on the way. stephen strasburg makes his final minor league appearance. the lakers show their metal in game on.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. stephen strasburg pitched his final minor league game this afternoon and it was a beauty. he pitched five shutout innings. he struck out five, walked one, gave up three hits and shut up buffalo. he had to work out of a jam in the fifth with two on. for the most part, he was in total command. he comes to washington for his major league debut next tuesday against the pittsburgh pirates. at nationals and astros, bottom of the ninth. misplays it, boots it. he scores. it is a tie game at four. he gets a hanging curveball and says, get that thing out of here. it is up, up, it is a walk off home run. the astros win it.
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the final, 6-4. let's go to detroit. all eyes were focused on the umpire who blew that call last night caancd cost armando galarraga the perfect game. to show there are no hard feelings, here is armando galarraga. he said it all the sportsmanship. game one of the nba finals goes to the lakers. they led the game from start to finish. the lakers in gold tonight. kobe bryant was perfect at the line, scored 30 points and kept everybody involved. they continue to play aggressively. the lakers -- he had 30 points tonight. the lakers win game one, 102- 89. the baltimore orioles coach
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is expected to be fired within the next few hours. they have lost eight straight bowl games and have the worst record in major league baseball. john wooden is in grave condition at ucla medical center. >> 99 years old.
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final word? >> the final word is summer. heading out to the beaches, here is still look with salt westerly winds. the water temperatures, not quite there. each afternoon, there will be afternoon thunderstorms. if you are headed to the beaches, if you hear or rumble of thunder, do not take any chances. move to a sheltered spot. >> that will do it for us tonight.
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"nightline" is coming up next right here. >> see you tomorrow [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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